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: I Still Love H.E.R.


She spends her time building walls

Longing for someone to care enough to climb over them

As she had given much more love than others had shown

And sought refuge in utter isolation to which she had now called home

She had always loved - to a fault

She had always held love high

What’s up fools

So this whole natural movement was not working out for me, LORD knows I tried  …… so there I was feeling myself rocking the hell out of my TWA (teeny weeny afro) then things just started going south.

I just lost that sexy feeling … I lost my confidence. So on a mission to get my sexy back I texturized my hair (DUN DUN DUN).. It actually turned out pretty nice. 

On a serious note though always read the instructions on the pack…Turned out I skipped step 1 on the texturizer pack so it kinda sorta RELAXED my hair. Mind you this was all kool in the beginning until growth and its nasty self decided to rear its head. 

Needless to say this was not a cute time in my life something had to be done.

So like the G that I am I did what had to be done…..

I cut it all off…. back to stage one